Hindsight is 20/20 – 15 Things Early Stage Companies Shouldn’t Overlook

I presented this morning at the Cambridge Innovation Center at a Growth Hacker Event sponsored by ChimaeraLabs.   My PPT is attached – I will write up a longer blog post explaining the deck, but I wanted to get it posted for people looking to get a copy. The genesis of my presentation was basically,Continue reading “Hindsight is 20/20 – 15 Things Early Stage Companies Shouldn’t Overlook”

Time to Ditch Your Paper Notebook – Lessons Learned from Three Generations of Writing Tablets

Last month I picked up my iPad Pro with Apple Pencil which for me represented the third generation of writing tablets with styluses I have used since 2012.  I started with the HTC Flyer, graduated to the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 2014 Edition, and now the iPad Pro.  For the past four years I haveContinue reading “Time to Ditch Your Paper Notebook – Lessons Learned from Three Generations of Writing Tablets”

Real Time Web Site Traffic Measurements – What Daylight Savings Time Looks Like

In our marketing operations center, we track real time site metrics showing traffic across our sites.  Why track real time traffic? To make sure the web is sending you your expected daily amount of traffic each day.  If the traffic is up or down, you want to know about it.  Large changes up or downContinue reading “Real Time Web Site Traffic Measurements – What Daylight Savings Time Looks Like”

Aligning Sales and Marketing – Top 11 Things You Can Do Today

This list is based on a talk I did at Inbound15.  The talk was around how the marketing consultants are leading us astray with sales and marketing alignment.   This is a distilled list of the action items. Good Luck! 1. Throw out written service level agreements Nothing says we are not on the same teamContinue reading “Aligning Sales and Marketing – Top 11 Things You Can Do Today”

How to Implement Agile Marketing – Part III – Cadence

Been a long break since part I and part II, but here is the final part of implementing agile marketing. Agile requires you to operate sprints in which you add tasks using up story points or hours that equal the total available capacity for your team.  Each sprint has some overhead as you must meetContinue reading “How to Implement Agile Marketing – Part III – Cadence”

Part II – Implementing Agile Marketing – Modifications

My last posting talked about our road to agile marketing.  In this posting, I will cover the differences we saw between classic agile and our agile marketing to make it all work. When I studied how software development teams work, I noticed there were some differences with how our marketing organization was set up comparedContinue reading “Part II – Implementing Agile Marketing – Modifications”

Implementing Agile Marketing – Part 1

Our team at SmartBear produces lots of content, webinars, emails, trade shows, product launches, and sales training sessions each month.  Since the company has four product areas, our team supports what are essentially four different sales and product organizations.  Getting all the work done, on time, in the most efficient way possible was becoming aContinue reading “Implementing Agile Marketing – Part 1”

Renew Your SaaS Contracts Early

We track lots of data as you have seen from the blog. One of those things we look at closely is the money we spend on sales and marketing software. Depending on the vendor, software costs are driven by consumption either based on user counts, database size, emails sent or other measures.  We work hardContinue reading “Renew Your SaaS Contracts Early”

An Important Metric – 3 Marketo Champions

I am CMO of SmartBear software and we track a lot of metrics. At last count we had about 10 sheets in a google docs workbook each with about 80 metrics per sheet. It takes us about 90 minutes every Monday to review the prior week.   But when we are done, we know what happenedContinue reading “An Important Metric – 3 Marketo Champions”