No More PowerPoint – Sketching My Way to Marketing Profs B2B Presentation

I had a great opportunity to present at the Marketing Profs B2B conference this past week in San Francisco on building an operational analytics model that can scale. The presentation drew from my experience running high volume inbound models at several companies. Since I completely dislike PowerPoint decks, I thought I would try sketching theContinue reading “No More PowerPoint – Sketching My Way to Marketing Profs B2B Presentation”

Setting up a Podcasting Studio in Goto Meeting – Part 3 – Microphones

In the prior two posts, we walked through much of the set up of the computers for a podcasting/webinar studio.  In this post, we will walk through how to do the microphones. Audio is easy, right?  Just put on a USB headset and you are all set? Yes? Sort of – for a studio whereContinue reading “Setting up a Podcasting Studio in Goto Meeting – Part 3 – Microphones”

Setting Up a Podcasting Studio for #GotoMeeting – Part 2

With the requirements from Part I spelled out, we started to take a look at the people and system requirements needed to run a webinar, specifically, what it would take to build a podcasting studio. Podcasting Organizer First, it was pretty obvious that someone needed to have the role of webinar organizer.  This would beContinue reading “Setting Up a Podcasting Studio for #GotoMeeting – Part 2”

How to Set Up a Podcast Studio for Goto Webinar/Meeting

  With the prevalence of webinars, podcasts and live streaming as a key staple of marketing communications, every company needs the capability to professionally run these types of events.  For large companies,  it is not uncommon to find a dedicated team and studio set up for this using professional equipment.  But for small to midsizeContinue reading “How to Set Up a Podcast Studio for Goto Webinar/Meeting”

Let the Sales Team Set Your Scoring – Beyond Basic Lead Scoring

At my most recent talk at MarketingNation,  I asked the audience how many people used lead scoring.  Nearly the entire audience raised their hand. Then I asked how many people allowed sales to set the scores, just a few hands shot up. This was surprising since marketers that don’t allow sales to set scoring areContinue reading “Let the Sales Team Set Your Scoring – Beyond Basic Lead Scoring”

Marketing Nation Presentation – 15 Things Not To Tell Your CMO #MKTGNATION

I presented at my third Marketing Nation yesterday. First year was on metrics, last year on sales and marketing alignment, this year it was on “15 Things Never to Tell Your CMO”.  I think I got the title wrong, as a better title would have been “How to Get Those Terrible Marketing Meetings Back onContinue reading “Marketing Nation Presentation – 15 Things Not To Tell Your CMO #MKTGNATION”

Cannolis are Good Eats, Not Good Leads

Last post we talked about the customer journey and its importance to marketers.  One problem if you fail to follow the journey is your marketing tactics just don’t work.  Simple analogy – if you walk into a car dealership to look at a car, and the salesman walks up to you and asks “Do you wantContinue reading “Cannolis are Good Eats, Not Good Leads”

Customer Journey – The Real Process That Matters

Everyone has their funnel sales steps, their sales process, their lead follow up system.  If you have read my book on marketing metrics,  you get an outline for how to measure the marketing process from driving traffic, converting the traffic, nurturing, passing leads to sales and into the sales funnel. But what all these processesContinue reading “Customer Journey – The Real Process That Matters”