Billions of Dollars Has Been Spent on Data Warehouses, Lakes, and SaaS Applications

From recruiting to building access controls to conference room scheduling to AI sales call recording, nearly all functional teams are using apps, warehouses and data lakes to improve productivity and drive business results.

Despite this Investment, Accessing Basic Business Telemetry is Still Challenging

Queried by the app’s administrators, using the app’s own BI tools, these apps provides insight into everything from sales pipeline size, the time to hire a new employee to the number of times a sales rep says the core value proposition during a sales call. Most corners of a company are run on SaaS applications providing a rich set of of business telemetry. Yet FP&A teams stuggle with collecting and using this telemetry from key organizational subject matter experts.

StoryMetrix is Building Tools for FP&A Teams to Collect this Business Telemetry and Build the Business Operating System

FP&A teams are tasked with building metrics for board decks and internal operating reviews. Collection, modeling, and sharing this information is time consuming, inefficient, and difficult to scale to the level required to drive better business outcomes. StoryMetrix is building tools to enable FP&A teams to construct and measure the business operating system.