Digital vs. Traditional Media Spend – Metrics Driven Decision Making

Forbes recently had an article entitled “Why Pragmatic Marketing isn’t A Silver Bullet” that makes the case for continued investment in traditional media that drives “awareness” vs. pragmatic marketing (digital media) that drives specific clicks and online actions. For hard core online B2B CMOs, an article like this would be met with eye rolls (mineContinue reading “Digital vs. Traditional Media Spend – Metrics Driven Decision Making”

Measuring Program Revenue (PR)

The last blog series discussed how using Marketing Contribution to Revenue (MCtR) was not necessarily a great idea.  However, marketing must somehow be shown to be impacting revenue, otherwise, why bother?  To answer this linkage question we proposed two linkage metrics. The first is Expected Revenue (ER) which was discussed in the last blog posting.Continue reading “Measuring Program Revenue (PR)”