The Five Key Funnel Cohorts

Funnel cohort reporting is critical for marketers to understand exactly what is causing revenue generation. The concept of cohort reporting isn’t new to marketers. The campaign object in salesforce is a way to assign leads to a cohort and evaluate progress. SaaS marketers cohort their monthly lead to new customers routinely. But there are manyContinue reading “The Five Key Funnel Cohorts”

Why MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) By Itself is Not a Useful Metric

I have come across many marketing organizations that use the metric of “Marketing Qualified Lead” or MQL as the goal that drives B2B marketing demand generation.  Theoretically, if marketing supplies the required number of MQLs, then sales will hit their revenue goals.  Neither part of this statement is accurate, but for this posting, we willContinue reading “Why MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) By Itself is Not a Useful Metric”

Six Quick Ways to Increase B2B Revenue Today

Most CMOs and VP of Sales spend their time and focus on messaging, sales skills training, closing deals, branding, and lead generation. But due to the operational demands in the B2B sales process, most companies easily waste 20% of their revenue in the multiple systems and people hand offs that prospects encounter as they goContinue reading “Six Quick Ways to Increase B2B Revenue Today”

Lead Quality’s Impact on Sales Staffing and Margins

A post on HubSpot this morning titled “Check Out This Chart: The Rise of Marketing Is Killing Off Jobs In Sales” spurred me to do a quick analysis of lead quality vs. sales headcount.  Why have I been thinking of this? With a fixed call volume for an inside sales team, the more leads youContinue reading “Lead Quality’s Impact on Sales Staffing and Margins”