Part II – Implementing Agile Marketing – Modifications

My last posting talked about our road to agile marketing.  In this posting, I will cover the differences we saw between classic agile and our agile marketing to make it all work. When I studied how software development teams work, I noticed there were some differences with how our marketing organization was set up comparedContinue reading “Part II – Implementing Agile Marketing – Modifications”

Implementing Agile Marketing – Part 1

Our team at SmartBear produces lots of content, webinars, emails, trade shows, product launches, and sales training sessions each month.  Since the company has four product areas, our team supports what are essentially four different sales and product organizations.  Getting all the work done, on time, in the most efficient way possible was becoming aContinue reading “Implementing Agile Marketing – Part 1”

Six Quick Ways to Increase B2B Revenue Today

Most CMOs and VP of Sales spend their time and focus on messaging, sales skills training, closing deals, branding, and lead generation. But due to the operational demands in the B2B sales process, most companies easily waste 20% of their revenue in the multiple systems and people hand offs that prospects encounter as they goContinue reading “Six Quick Ways to Increase B2B Revenue Today”

7 Reasons CMO’s Get on the CFO’s Bad Side

A lot of discussion this week in the CMO Network on LinkedIn around conflict between CMOs and CFOs. One article entitled “Why Will CFO’s Never Understand Marketing“, I am not sure I agree with.  Another article lists “5 Ways CMOs  Can Get CFOs On Their Side” lists some interesting ideas.   My opinion is thatContinue reading “7 Reasons CMO’s Get on the CFO’s Bad Side”

CMO Management Tip for 2014 – Learn Google Analytics

I am in a LinkedIn Group – the CMO Network.  Kim Whitler, the CMO of David’s Bridal posted an interesting question for an article she is writing: What are your top Marketing, Career, and Management tips for CMOs going into 2014? There are a bunch of tips for 2014 one could write about and othersContinue reading “CMO Management Tip for 2014 – Learn Google Analytics”