Clinton “Thinking About Running” vs. “High Velocity Lead Generation”

Yesterday I spoke at the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit on a topic entitled “Build a High Performance, High Velocity, Lead-Generating B2B Machine.  The room was packed with 500+ people which surprised me, but made it fun.

"SPelfie" - speaker selfie about 10 minutes before I started.
“SPelfie” – speaker selfie about 10 minutes before I started.

I uploaded the slide deck here, as some people wanted copies of the graphics.Marketo Presentation- SEMPLE

Despite my best efforts to shock the world with philosophy points like those below……..

  • Measure what you can, not what you want
  • Use sampling, but low sample sizes drive wrong conclusions
  • Dashboards make you dumb
  • Google analytics for all!

the only news that got out from the Marketo conference to CNN was that Hillary was “thinking about running in 2016″ from her stage Q&A with CEO Phil Fernandez.

I think “google analytics for all!” is bigger news than Hillary running, but that is just me.

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