My New Book: Digital CMO’s Guide to Marketing Measurement

Over the past year, nights and weekends I have been working on a book encapsulating my learnings at Vkernel implementing a high velocity, B2B marketing team.  Most of my career experience up to that point had been in operations as a naval officer and high touch B2B sales and marketing.  VKernel was an interesting learningContinue reading “My New Book: Digital CMO’s Guide to Marketing Measurement”

The One Day Sales and Marketing Operations Tune Up

Yesterday’s blog walked through the Twenty Questions that all VPs of Sales and VPs of Marketing should be able to answer on a Monday about last week’s performance.  High velocity lead generation models require significant operational focus. If you can’t answer these questions, what do you do?  Below is a one day agenda for anContinue reading “The One Day Sales and Marketing Operations Tune Up”

Six Quick Ways to Increase B2B Revenue Today

Most CMOs and VP of Sales spend their time and focus on messaging, sales skills training, closing deals, branding, and lead generation. But due to the operational demands in the B2B sales process, most companies easily waste 20% of their revenue in the multiple systems and people hand offs that prospects encounter as they goContinue reading “Six Quick Ways to Increase B2B Revenue Today”

Matching Marketing Output with Sales Input

How do you know the leads marketing is sending to sales are actually getting to a sales rep?  Checking for a successful hand off between sales and marketing is a critical, but often very much overlooked step in the B2B sales process. Without checking for the hand off,  marketing qualified leads (MQLs) could end upContinue reading “Matching Marketing Output with Sales Input”