Shifting to Product-led Growth

A common theme in a lot of CMO searches is the desire to find someone who knows how to do product-led growth models. The story for the hiring companies is somewhat similar – a company is looking to drive more volume sales with freemium models, or more e-commerce from what is today a classic MQL/SQLContinue reading “Shifting to Product-led Growth”

My New Book: Digital CMO’s Guide to Marketing Measurement

Over the past year, nights and weekends I have been working on a book encapsulating my learnings at Vkernel implementing a high velocity, B2B marketing team.  Most of my career experience up to that point had been in operations as a naval officer and high touch B2B sales and marketing.  VKernel was an interesting learningContinue reading “My New Book: Digital CMO’s Guide to Marketing Measurement”

Automation Requirements for Low Touch and High Touch Sales Models

A thought provoking article titled “Marketing Automation Makes Me Wince” by former IBM marketer Jeff Bartman should make everyone consider whether they are in a low touch or high touch sales model. Knowing the difference is key since Jeff’s opinion that marketing automation is overrated makes total sense if you are in a high touchContinue reading “Automation Requirements for Low Touch and High Touch Sales Models”

Metrics and the Flat Marketing Organization

The topic of how to organize a B2B marketing organization is a long one, but my belief is that the old functional structure is long dead.  Future posts will walk through this in greater detail by looking at the key metrics a marketing team needs to drive and comparing those metrics against the required organizationContinue reading “Metrics and the Flat Marketing Organization”