BDRs – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

(5 use cases for BDRS that work) There are a couple of flip flopping decisions that companies make on a routine base. Product marketing, for example, flips between marketing and product management. Product management is sometimes its own function, but other times it gets stuffed into engineering. Customer success teams can come and go. ProductContinue reading “BDRs – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow”

Shifting to Product-led Growth

A common theme in a lot of CMO searches is the desire to find someone who knows how to do product-led growth models. The story for the hiring companies is somewhat similar – a company is looking to drive more volume sales with freemium models, or more e-commerce from what is today a classic MQL/SQLContinue reading “Shifting to Product-led Growth”

7 Reasons Not To Modify Your CRM

A LinkedIn post the other week from someone who got HubSpot for Christmas got me thinking back to the simplicity and efficiency of having a fresh CRM without modifications. After working 20+ years with CRMs as a CMO, COO and VP of Sales, the modifications we do to our CRMs rarely provide the value weContinue reading “7 Reasons Not To Modify Your CRM”

Five Ways to Be the cMo – chief Mentoring officer

One of the best parts of being a CMO is mentoring sales and marketing talent. Mentoring shouldn’t just be 1:1, however. The key is to build an entire culture and organization that supports mentorship and career growth. Here is my list of 5 ways to create a mentoring culture in marketing and to become theContinue reading “Five Ways to Be the cMo – chief Mentoring officer”

Ignoring the Sales Forecast and 5 Other Revenue Tips for a CMO’s First 90 Days

I have had a bunch of exits in my career. But all has not been smooth sailing.  From talking with other marketing leaders about their failures, and also thinking through the issues I have had over my career, a lot of the issues have come about when as a new marketing leader, you fail toContinue reading “Ignoring the Sales Forecast and 5 Other Revenue Tips for a CMO’s First 90 Days”

9 Considerations for Becoming a Multi-Channel Revenue Machine

At some point in a company’s growth, the inbound only, USA only, inside sales only revenue model starts to run out of gas.  I have seen this a few times, and it is a function of: size of the market growth rate of the market your revenue relative to the size and market growth marketContinue reading “9 Considerations for Becoming a Multi-Channel Revenue Machine”

Why Marketers Need to Love the Opportunity Cohort

The opportunity creation cohort is one of the key cohorts for marketers.  The handoff in effort from marketing to sales begins at this point.  It is also the point where you can start to measure revenue impact from marketing efforts.  It is the one of cohort you need to love, nourish, and be 100% inContinue reading “Why Marketers Need to Love the Opportunity Cohort”

Demos and Meetings – The Pre-Opportunity Cohort

In prior posts, we looked at lead cohorts. In this post, we look at the next cohort down, the pre-opportunity cohort. Many sales processes include an intermediary stage between marketing generating what is considered a hot lead, and the sales team generating an opportunity. Many times this process involves a business development team that mightContinue reading “Demos and Meetings – The Pre-Opportunity Cohort”

Understanding the Lead Cohort

The lead cohort is perhaps the most popular and talked about cohort for marketing and sales. Surprisingly, it may not be the most critical depending on how revenue is actually generated. The lead cohort is one of five key cohorts. Lead cohorts at the most basic level are the leads that come in during aContinue reading “Understanding the Lead Cohort”

The Five Key Funnel Cohorts

Funnel cohort reporting is critical for marketers to understand exactly what is causing revenue generation. The concept of cohort reporting isn’t new to marketers. The campaign object in salesforce is a way to assign leads to a cohort and evaluate progress. SaaS marketers cohort their monthly lead to new customers routinely. But there are manyContinue reading “The Five Key Funnel Cohorts”