SDR Staffing Metrics – Start with Lead Quality and Volume

My last post dealt with five successful ways to deploy BDRs/SDRs for an organization. Use case #3 was inbound lead catcher. With this strategy, a BDR processes inbound leads and moves them to the next stage in the buyers journey. This post deals with understanding the capacity requirements to successfully implement this approach. When BDRsContinue reading “SDR Staffing Metrics – Start with Lead Quality and Volume”

BDRs – Five Use Cases for Success

(How not to build then dissolve your BDR team) There are a couple of flip flopping decisions that companies make on a routine base. Product marketing, for example, flips between marketing and product management. Product management is sometimes its own function, but other times it gets stuffed into engineering. Customer success teams can come andContinue reading “BDRs – Five Use Cases for Success”

Lead Quality’s Impact on Sales Staffing and Margins

A post on HubSpot this morning titled “Check Out This Chart: The Rise of Marketing Is Killing Off Jobs In Sales” spurred me to do a quick analysis of lead quality vs. sales headcount.  Why have I been thinking of this? With a fixed call volume for an inside sales team, the more leads youContinue reading “Lead Quality’s Impact on Sales Staffing and Margins”