Demos and Meetings – The Pre-Opportunity Cohort

In prior posts, we looked at lead cohorts. In this post, we look at the next cohort down, the pre-opportunity cohort. Many sales processes include an intermediary stage between marketing generating what is considered a hot lead, and the sales team generating an opportunity. Many times this process involves a business development team that mightContinue reading “Demos and Meetings – The Pre-Opportunity Cohort”

Understanding the Lead Cohort

The lead cohort is perhaps the most popular and talked about cohort for marketing and sales. Surprisingly, it may not be the most critical depending on how revenue is actually generated. The lead cohort is one of five key cohorts. Lead cohorts at the most basic level are the leads that come in during aContinue reading “Understanding the Lead Cohort”

The Five Key Funnel Cohorts

Funnel cohort reporting is critical for marketers to understand exactly what is causing revenue generation. The concept of cohort reporting isn’t new to marketers. The campaign object in salesforce is a way to assign leads to a cohort and evaluate progress. SaaS marketers cohort their monthly lead to new customers routinely. But there are manyContinue reading “The Five Key Funnel Cohorts”