No More PowerPoint – Sketching My Way to Marketing Profs B2B Presentation

I had a great opportunity to present at the Marketing Profs B2B conference this past week in San Francisco on building an operational analytics model that can scale. The presentation drew from my experience running high volume inbound models at several companies.

Since I completely dislike PowerPoint decks, I thought I would try sketching the entire presentation from story board. Using my iPAD PRO with GoodNotes application, I sketched out my presentation story board.  You can see it below.  What I found interesting is that I kept improving the story board up to the morning of the presentation.  It was just so easy to reorganize, build more visuals and improve the presentation. Since I was working on the entire story on a single page, the story just flowed so much better.

My original plan was to draw this presentation during the speech.  What I found while practicing, is that this was just not practical  – way too much to draw in too short a period of time.   For the presentation, I ended up drawing small pieces and had a bunch of the presentation pre-drawn.

Next time I do this, I will probably story board it up until the morning of the presentation, then I will copy out sections and place on a PPT slide or other image viewer and flip through small sections at  a time.  It seems as though the best benefit of all this is the way it frees the mind to really build out a great story board.


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