Hindsight is 20/20 – 15 Things Early Stage Companies Shouldn’t Overlook


I presented this morning at the Cambridge Innovation Center at a Growth Hacker Event sponsored by ChimaeraLabs.   My PPT is attached – I will write up a longer blog post explaining the deck, but I wanted to get it posted for people looking to get a copy.

The genesis of my presentation was basically, if I was a new VP of Marketing, what would I do different next time around.  But to be included on the list,  the item had to be something that might not be obvious at the time for a startup. Said another way,  when you are fighting for your existence, trying to push out products, and get your first customers, does it really matter to have a knowledge management system or to worry about the customer journey?  So these items are ones often overlooked until they become a problem.

More on this in some coming blog posts.hindsight is 20 -20


Photo: Peter Marquardt

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