Marketo Marketing Nation Summit Talk – Building a High Velocity Lead Generating Machine

Getting to bottom of my inbox taking the train to NYC for an Insight Venture Partners conference, I discovered that my presentation from Marketo Marketing Nation summit has been posted online.  This was a roughly 45 minute talk titled “Building a High Performance Lead Generating B2B Machine” and loosely followed the outline of my book.  To Marketo’s credit, they had the room packed with about 500 people.

Here is the abstract:

You have Marketo tuned and operating. feeding the sales team leads. Google Analytics is tracking your site traffic while SEO MOZ advises you on keywords. You tweet, post on YouTube, and post high quality content. Now what? How do you stitch together the needed reporting, operating processes and marketing organization structure to build a high performance, high velocity, lead generating, sales rep closing B2B machine that is numbers driven? How do you take what could appear to the CEO as a somewhat random set of actions and numerically show how it all contributes to leads and revenue. Bryan Semple, former CMO of VKernel, will walk through his own personal journey building the systems, processes and marketing organization that could deliver on a predictable basis high volumes of leads to feed an inside sales team. Drawing on an unlikely source of knowledge, his early career as a submarine officer, Bryan built an operating model and process that drove revenue and ultimately led to his company’s acquisition.


You can watch the presentation here.




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