Preparing Weekly, for Quarterly Business Reviews

Quarterly business reviews are notoriously difficult to prepare for and sit through.  A big challenge that emerges is the data war that can result when different teams, pull different data, in different manners, that then get presented, differently.  The chaos that can result and the lack of insight can make the entire review a lessContinue reading “Preparing Weekly, for Quarterly Business Reviews”

Marketo Marketing Nation Summit Talk – Building a High Velocity Lead Generating Machine

Getting to bottom of my inbox taking the train to NYC for an Insight Venture Partners conference, I discovered that my presentation from Marketo Marketing Nation summit has been posted online.  This was a roughly 45 minute talk titled “Building a High Performance Lead Generating B2B Machine” and loosely followed the outline of my book. Continue reading “Marketo Marketing Nation Summit Talk – Building a High Velocity Lead Generating Machine”

Cape Cod Fishing Reports and Lead Quality Reports

I like to fish the waters off Cape Cod in the Summer for Striped Bass. If you read the fishing reports, theoretically, they should give you the required the information to catch the fish. This weekend, for example, the reports said the stripers were biting squid off the Monomoy Rips at the tide change. So,Continue reading “Cape Cod Fishing Reports and Lead Quality Reports”