20 Questions for VPs of Sales and Marketing on a Monday

It is Monday, can you answer the following 20 questions?

  1. Do you know where your traffic came from last week, the conversion rates, and the week over week changes?
  2. What bloggers  wrote about you?
  3. What was hot on social media for your domain area?
  4. How many leads were created and what was the goal?
  5. Did all of the leads make it to the right reps or did some end up misrouted?
  6. How did your paid programs spending do last week?
  7. Did your media company deliver a bunch of poor leads?
  8. What events were completed last week and how does the cost/name and cost/lead compare with other programs?
  9. What is your database turns ratio for last week and the associated click through rates on all emails?
  10. How many 404 errors are on your site?
  11. What does SEO MOZ say you did last week?
  12. What is the status of all sales enablement material?
  13. How did sales evaluate last week’s sales training?
  14. What was last week’s lead to opportunity conversion rate?
  15. How many leads are still open from last week and last month?
  16. What percentage of available sales dials did marketing consume last week?
  17. What is dials/rep number and total talk time?
  18. How many opportunities were created?
  19. How many opportunities lost?
  20. What is the current pipeline age and size for this month, next month and the following month? How did it change last week?

If you can’t answer these questions each week, you are risking spending too much time, money, and resources on things that don’t matter or perhaps, not spending enough time on things that do matter.  Before you keep moving forward spinning wheels in the wrong direction, take a time out, spend one day collecting data and analyze your business.  Going forward without full visibility is not a good strategy for sales and marketing success

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