Matching Marketing Output with Sales Input

How do you know the leads marketing is sending to sales are actually getting to a sales rep?  Checking for a successful hand off between sales and marketing is a critical, but often very much overlooked step in the B2B sales process. Without checking for the hand off,  marketing qualified leads (MQLs) could end upContinue reading “Matching Marketing Output with Sales Input”

Sales Kick Off – Most Companies Spend Time on the Wrong Activities

B2B CMOs not only need to measure demand generation, but also the status of sales enablement as this is a key function of product marketing. Ongoing measurement of sales preparedness helps to prioritize what types of training the sales team requires to effectively convert MQLs to opportunities. It is around this time of year whenContinue reading “Sales Kick Off – Most Companies Spend Time on the Wrong Activities”

7 Reasons CMO’s Get on the CFO’s Bad Side

A lot of discussion this week in the CMO Network on LinkedIn around conflict between CMOs and CFOs. One article entitled “Why Will CFO’s Never Understand Marketing“, I am not sure I agree with.  Another article lists “5 Ways CMOs  Can Get CFOs On Their Side” lists some interesting ideas.   My opinion is thatContinue reading “7 Reasons CMO’s Get on the CFO’s Bad Side”

Digital vs. Traditional Media Spend – Metrics Driven Decision Making

Forbes recently had an article entitled “Why Pragmatic Marketing isn’t A Silver Bullet” that makes the case for continued investment in traditional media that drives “awareness” vs. pragmatic marketing (digital media) that drives specific clicks and online actions. For hard core online B2B CMOs, an article like this would be met with eye rolls (mineContinue reading “Digital vs. Traditional Media Spend – Metrics Driven Decision Making”

Metrics and the Flat Marketing Organization

The topic of how to organize a B2B marketing organization is a long one, but my belief is that the old functional structure is long dead.  Future posts will walk through this in greater detail by looking at the key metrics a marketing team needs to drive and comparing those metrics against the required organizationContinue reading “Metrics and the Flat Marketing Organization”